Call a contact and leave a voice message


Counter missed calls in your company with intelligent text messages

11 July 2024

The average percentage of missed calls during working hours in dental practices is 30%. The average number of calls per secretary in a clinic is approximately 100 calls per week. This means that during working hours alone, 30 calls a week are missed. The statistical average of people leaving messages today is just 20%. This […]

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Communicate with your customers by text message without using your cell phone

23 May 2024

Who doesn’t use text messaging on a daily basis? For over 30 years now, the entire population has been communicating by text message. It’s an effective communication channel because it’s “asynchronous”, meaning that each party can respond at their own convenience. In today’s fast-paced world, phone calls are difficult to make. Sending a text message […]

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Reduce the risk of phishing among your secretaries

21 May 2024

More than one in three Canadians say they have received a phishing message. Since the pandemic, phishing scams have exploded. Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated by the day, adapting to current events to maximize their chances of stealing personal information and money. On the contrary, cybercriminals are well aware that some businesses are healthy and […]

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