8 things you can do to protect yourself against phishing attempts

7 December 2023

Pandemics, teleworking, wars and economic fluctuations are driving up cyber attacks. Companies are prime targets for hackers. Unfortunately, very few employers make employees aware of this threat. And yet, one of the most important breaches of information systems remains the human being. Discover some simple strategies you can implement today to reduce your risk of […]

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15 customer service quality indicators

14 October 2023

Good customer service is essential to customer satisfaction and business success. Indicators of good customer service may vary according to industry and specific customer expectations, but here are some key indicators commonly used to assess customer service quality: 1. response time The time it takes to respond to customer requests is an important indicator. Customers […]

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Receptionists: 6 tips to better serve your customers

2 October 2023

Serving customers isn’t always easy, especially in difficult situations. Nevertheless, it’s always possible to serve customers well. Here are a few tips to help you today. 1. Smile at all times Greet customers with a warm smile, whether in person, on the phone, by e-mail or even by text message. Use professional and respectful language. […]

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10 tips for good customer service

22 September 2023

Customer service is essential to customer retention in any business. We need to ensure that our teams adopt the right behaviors when dealing with customers. Here are 10 behaviors to adopt at all times. 1. Positive attitude: Customer service representatives must be friendly, polite and welcoming. A positive attitude creates a pleasant experience for customers […]

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Jeune femme réceptionniste au téléphone avec oreillette

Bluetooth headsets: An essential tool for modern receptionists

25 August 2023

The world of work is changing fast, and this also applies to the role of receptionists. Today’s receptionists are more than just intermediaries; they are often at the heart of communication and play a vital role in overall business efficiency. To meet the changing needs of their jobs, many receptionists are turning to Bluetooth headsets […]

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What are customer contact points? Examples + how to identify them

2 August 2023

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