Fresk advantages

Turnkey cloud communications system

Our team takes care of everything, from installing and training your staff to customer service coaching integrated into the software.

Intelligent business telephone system

Answering machine with call waiting, prioritization and easy call handling. Use desktop phones or softphones.

Corporate text messages

Send and receive text messages to simplify communications with your customers.


Centralized communications view

Call, text and e-mail in a single program. Centralize each customer’s information in a single view.

Communication history

See your customer’s profile appear on the screen during a communication (call, e-mail, text message), as well as their complete exchange history with the company, regardless of who they’ve communicated with.

Instant customer profile

Display your customer’s profile when a communication is received. Add information from your business software to better serve your customer. For example, age, seniority, purchases, photo, etc.

Cloud-based system that follows you everywhere

You and your employees can connect from anywhere with a simple web browser to manage customer communications.

Click and dial

Synchronize your contact list with your business software and never dial again.


Immediate satisfaction assessment

Each communication is immediately analyzed using artificial intelligence to provide the employee with an indication of the level of customer satisfaction, enabling him or her to adjust quickly.

Call recording

All calls are recorded and transcribed, enabling you to make continuous improvements and retrieve a customer conversation in seconds.

Integrated customer service coaching

Your employees receive weekly tips from experts to improve the quality of their work. At the end of the month, the system evaluates their knowledge to ensure that it is properly understood and applied.

Price guarantee

Prices guaranteed for the duration of the agreement. Penalties apply in the event of termination of the agreement.

Control your budgets

Our prices are fixed in advance for the duration of the agreement.

Total control

You can add or remove users to adapt your system to your needs.