Counter missed calls in your company with intelligent text messages

The average percentage of missed calls during working hours in dental practices is 30%. The average number of calls per secretary in a clinic is approximately 100 calls per week. This means that during working hours alone, 30 calls a week are missed. The statistical average of people leaving messages today is just 20%. This is largely due to the influence of smartphones, which allow you to text or leave an audio message directly. Dialing a number, then entering a code, then listening to an answering machine to listen to messages, is time-consuming and no longer useful with the evolution of telephones. This explains the low rate of messages left on missed calls. A missed call without a message represents a major risk of loss of revenue and reputation for the company.

Revenue losses due to major missed calls. If the average dental clinic misses 30 calls a week and only 20% of them leave a message, this means that 6 calls will be answered thanks to the message obtained, and the other 24 calls may not be returned.

This has a negative impact on customer satisfaction, and greatly increases the risk of missing out on potential new customers. With the average cost of a dental appointment ranging from $150 to $300, imagine that only 20% of these 24 lost calls represent new customers, for a total of 4.8 customers per week at an average value of $175 each. We’re talking about a loss of revenue opportunities of $875 per week, not counting the loss of existing customers who may call elsewhere out of discouragement. In addition to the loss of revenue, this tarnishes the company’s reputation. Imagine the loss in the case of a specialist dentist such as an orthodontist, for example, where the price of a treatment varies between $8,000 and $10,000. What if we miss a call from a parent with 3 children who need orthodontics? Losses mount very quickly.

Not only are dental clinics suffering from frustrating missed calls, but restaurateurs are also paying the price. The Journal de Québec article mentions that restorers are now faced with a very large number of missed calls on a daily basis. The lack of manpower, competition and low customer tolerance mean that missed calls lead customers to another restaurant. The article mentions that some restaurateurs lose $140,000 a year due to missed calls. It mentions that the Talk Soon tool can handle these missed calls via text message, as can Fresk software.

Most company directors and managers don’t have a view or statistics on missed calls. It’s a blind spot that’s hard to manage, and especially hard to quantify if you don’t have the tools to do so. Fortunately, a number of software programs are now available to counter these notorious missed calls and protect contractors’ blind spots, including Fresk.

Solutions such as Fresk can take care of these missed calls and counter the negative impacts in all types of businesses. IP telephony, the power of the cloud and the use of text messaging in business can limit the vast majority of these financial losses, as well as protecting your reputation.

Fresk software takes care of your missed calls using text messages to minimize friction and keep the opportunity with your company, not a competitor. Fresk software tells the customer that we’re unavailable, asks to set a good time to return the call, or tells them to text the request directly and that the company will respond as soon as possible.

In this way, the customer receives an immediate response from the company apologizing for its unavailability. As the saying goes, “A fault confessed is half forgiven!” It allows the customer to write their request immediately or receive a phone call at their convenience. Fresk immediately reduces frustration, response time and forces a response from the customer, as well as issuing a reminder as soon as possible.

Fresk software connects to your existing analog or VoIP phones, and handles missed calls after a defined number of unanswered tones. It gives your teams access to a text message communication interface to keep track of customers whose calls have been missed.

Fresk allows you to centralize your telephone communications, text messages and e-mails in one place. Don’t lose any more communication history, and make sure all your customers are taken care of on short notice, even if you’re not available.

Try Fresk today to protect your revenue and your reputation.


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