About us

Understaffing, telecommuting, mobility and variable schedules make communication difficult. Fresk is a corporate phone and text communication software that simplifies, accelerates and automates communications with your customers.

Our promise to you Our mission Our Vision

Our promise to you

Reduce the time wasted reaching out to customers and vice versa, as well as repeating the same answers to the same questions.


Our mission

Using the latest technologies including artificial intelligence, make communications faster, more inclusive and universal in terms of gender, language, environment, schedule, time zone, technological infrastructure and the physical and intellectual capacity of users.


Our Vision

To create a new generation of universal communication tools eliminating


Our Vision

Our Vision

To create a new generation of universal communication tools eliminating :

  • Time zone asynchronicity
  • Language barriers
  • Gender and nationality/accent bias
  • Physical disabilities
  • Time zones
  • Environment (e.g. noise, privacy)
  • Technology barriers (e.g., bandwidth, device, OS)

Our Values

Work-Family Balance

Promote a better work-life balance for professionals by separating all work and personal communications including text messaging.

Protect time

Spend less time on email by giving people a tool to check less, read less and delete less.


Remove barriers and biases from phone calls: disabilities, languages, accents, nationality, location, gender, time zone, noise, privacy, environment and technology.

Free Choice

iMessage amounts to a serious lock-in of its customer base and a drag on the evolution of effective text message communications.


Facilitating remote work, international communications 24 hours a day 7 days a week in different languages, on multiple devices and communication technologies.