About us

Simply communicating with your company means that your customer has to deal with a number of different people, through a variety of channels.

To support your employees, Fresk records and centralizes all customer exchanges, regardless of which employee is communicating with which channel. As a result, your teams can take communication to the next level, ensuring efficient follow-up and quality customer service.

Fresk performs a satisfaction analysis on every exchange using artificial intelligence. It compiles instant statistics and presents key indicators to each employee to boost their performance and progress.

Fresk stimulates the commitment of your customers and employees by promoting quality customer service.

About us

Our promise to you

To protect your company’s customers by helping your staff deliver sensational customer service.

Our mission

Using technologies such as artificial intelligence, to simplify and automate frequent communications, while making them inclusive and universal in terms of gender, language, environment, schedule, time zone, technological infrastructure and users’ physical and intellectual capacity.

Our vision

To create a professional, universal communications intelligence that saves people time, allowing them to invest it where it’s most needed.


Our Values

Work-life balance

Promote work-life balance by separating business and personal communications.


Reduce barriers and biases in telephone, text and email communications, such as disabilities, languages, accents, nationality, location, gender, time zone, surrounding noise, privacy, environment and available technology.

Protecting time

Eliminate wasted time by speeding up and automating frequent communications.


Facilitate remote working, with international communications taking place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in different languages, on multiple communication devices and technologies.