Reach your customers 100% of the time and vice versa.

Understaffing, telecommuting, mobility and variable schedules make communication difficult. Fresk is a corporate phone and text communication software that simplifies, accelerates and automates communications with your customers. Benefit from the following advantages:


  • Stop being monopolized on the phone.
  • Avoid keeping your customers waiting on the phone or directing them to the answering machine.
  • Answer several customers in a few seconds.
  • Respond to multiple customers in seconds.
  • Limit the time spent answering frequently asked questions.
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    Corporate text number

    • Separate your business and personal text message communications.
    • Stop putting your customers on hold on the line.
    • Eliminate answering machine messages.
    • Limit the use of the interactive voice response system.

    Modern text messaging software

    • Take your customer service anywhere.
    • Stay on top of your communications to control your time.
    • Automatically record and file all your communications as evidence.
    • Secure your text messages.

    Library of quick pre-designed answers

    • Speed up and standardize responses to frequent requests with pre-designed answers.
    • Share and enrich your library of responses from colleagues and partners.
    • Send and secure your documents by text message.

    Automated appointment calendar

    • Automate your absence and unavailability messages.
    • Allow your customers to schedule an appointment with you.
    • Stop intervening in the reminder, rescheduling and cancellation of appointments.

    Artificial intelligence at your service

    • Use artificial intelligence to answer frequent requests.
    • Limit human intervention to the essential.
    • Automate customer satisfaction and interest tracking.

    Automatic translator and proofreader

    • Ensure quality communications with the automatic proofreader
    • Communicate with your customers regardless of your language or your customers’ language.
    • Eliminate accent and nationality bias.

    Universal and portable communication software

    • Computer software accessible anywhere and on any device: Pcs, phones, tablets, watches and assistants.
    • Take advantage of the power of smart devices such as Airplay, SMS, Bluetooth, Camera and Video, Text-to-Speech, etc.
    • Keep your current phone.
    • No cell phone plan is required.

    Modern and safe technology


    Hundreds of customers use Fresk on a daily basis

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