Intelligent telephony and unified communications

Protect your most precious asset: your customers.

Simplify customer communications to foster more human exchanges and build lasting relationships with Fresk software.

Intelligent telephony and unified communications

Software that simplifies
customer communications

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Connect all your office phones to Fresk to make them cloud-based

By connecting all your phones to Fresk, every call with a customer linked to your files is automatically recorded, so your teams don’t miss a thing, and your service is second to none. You’ll also be able to ensure that all calls to be made have been completed.

Engage your customers and develop your employees

Simply communicating with your company means that your customer has to deal with a number of different people, through a variety of channels.

To support your employees, Fresk records and centralizes all customer exchanges, regardless of which employee is communicating with which channel. As a result, your teams can continue communication wherever it has left off, ensuring efficient follow-up and quality customer service.

Finally, Fresk performs a satisfaction analysis on every exchange, using artificial intelligence. It compiles instant statistics and presents key indicators to each employee to boost their performance and progress.

Better communication with your customers pays off!

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Sensational customer service

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Simplify your customer communications
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